Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crazy days

Oh Lawd, I am one busy woman! Wedding is 24 days from today and things are crazy!!! Sorry for the sporadic posts as of late. Every minute there is something to do. It will all be worth it, though!

On to my eats from the past couple of days -

Breakfast of crappy office coffee and half of a grapefruit sprinkled with some Splenda.

Lunch is the (almost) last bit of my cauliflower and pasta and some ripe cherries, I love summer fruit! I will be really sad to see it go when big ugly winter butts in...

I ran around like a nut last night, so luckily I remembered that I had a free coupon for a sandwich at Chick-fil-A! My favorite!! I ran in, grabbed a Coke Zero and this sammie and I was on my way to get my nails done! (My bachelorette party is this weekend!!)

I ran and ran and ran and then relaxed while my sister-in-law did my toes and nails! So pretty now!
Breakfast (and lunch for that matter) are exactly like yesterday. Sorry! I didn't plan that one!
Grapefruit and Splenda.

A few almonds. I got caught at work sneaking this pic - Hi Marc!! He he he...

Cauliflower and pasta - can you believe I still have some of this in my fridge???

Snacked on some cherries in the afternoon. I have a hair appointment at 5pm, then I am cleaning my house and doing laundry. Sounds exciting, right?? Well, my besties are coming in town tomorrow and our house is a disaster!

Work tomorrow and then I'm off until Monday!! My bachelorettes are kidnapping me away to the beach for the weekend and I CANNOT WAIT!

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