Monday, February 22, 2010

Parsnips oh parsnips

Dinner tonight was leftover quesadillas and parsnip fries!! I've never had parsnips before, so I was nervous, but they were awesome! I peeled and cut the parsnips.
I tossed the fries in olive oil and salt & pepper. Then I roasted them at 375 degrees for 30 minutes and flipped them half way through.
Served with leftover whole wheat quesadillas filled with grilled chicken and spinach. Yummo.

I figured I would show you how I keep up with drinking lots of water at work during the day. With my "It's Five O'clock Somewhere" tumbler. This baby is 24 ounces. I try to finish 3 full tumblers a day. Usually I get through 2 and a half....
Lunch today was leftover noodles, some hummus and carrots and cucumbers.

I wasn't hungry until 11:45 this morning! I ate this orange when I finally got hungry. My tummy was a little upset when I woke up, so that is probably why I wasn't hungry. So, instead of my coffee, I opted for some tummy mint tea this AM. Love my cat mug even though it has knicks and dings all over it!

Total points for today are around 19. However there might be some ice cream in my future tonight. :) I was feeling a little lethargic this afternoon, so there was no gym after work. I will wake up extra early tomorrow morning for some yoga because I am going wedding dress shopping tomorrow after work!!!!!!!

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