Monday, July 5, 2010

Ahhhh the weekend...not a long one though :(

The weekend really started for me on Saturday because I came home from work on Friday at 4:30pm....I was asleep on the couch by 5pm and woke up at 10pm. Only to crawl to my bed and sleep until 8am Saturday morning. And it felt wonderful, I was a little worn out by all the concerts!

I got up feeling refreshed and rested, so I got some things done around the house and headed to the gym for a looong workout. Remember last weekend when I spent 45 minutes on the elliptical???? Well, I topped that on Saturday!! 50 long minutes on the elliptical AND 20 minutes of shoulder exercises with some nice stretching at the end. And it felt SO good. Especially after my indulgences over the end of the week....

Saturday afternoon continued at a small pool party with some good friends. Then we were off to meet some of the fiancee's friends at a bar crawl that they were doing all day Saturday!! They had been out since 1pm that afternoon, we met up with them around 9:30pm.....needless to say, they were pretty buzzed! But they were all walking - safety is always important! We had a few drinks and ended up driving right into a great fireworks show! So lucky!!

Happy birthday America!

Oh I forgot about my lunch on Saturday! It was epic - how could I forget???? Obviously, I was HANGRY by the time I got home from the gym, so I devoured the quickest thing I could find....a huge salad with grilled chicken, dried cranberries, goat cheese and light lime dressing. It was gone in mere minutes. Delish!

We woke Sunday morning (after sleeping in a little bit :) and started getting ready to head to the in-laws for an afternoon bbq. The fiancee was making filets and bacon wrapped scallops. I made us some cheese toasts to get our metabolisms going. (and so I didn't eat all the bacon....)

My mother in law (well, soon to be in-law!) ALWAYS MAKES TOO MUCH FOOD! Which is wonderfully hospitable, but not so nice for my hips. I always want to eat everything in sight and end up feeling sick by the end of the day. I made a conscious decision that I wasn't going to do that on Sunday.

I still ended up enjoying this fabulous plate of food!

A small piece of filet, cucumber and tomato salad, broccoli rabe, grilled zucchini and ziti. I went back for 3 bacon wrapped scallops and another scoop of ziti. Not bad at all! I was proud of myself! And it was all so good! I love it that my new family can cook so well...
And, that brings me to today, Monday. I had to work today, but that's not too bad because I get a comp day later on for my honeymoon! And nobody is in the building on holidays and it's actually kind of nice!
Breakfast was the last of my pineapple with some more local blueberries. Perfect thing to eat when it's 89 degrees at 10:30am.....

Lunch was another epic salad with grilled chicken, goat cheese, cranberries, red peppers and carrots. Total heaven in a big bowl. I topped it all with Newman's Own Light Lime dressing. Near perfection.

I might round out my Monday with a dip in the sister in law's pool. However I need to clean my house and do some wedding stuff, so we'll see where my afternoon will take me! Tata for now!

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