Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The calm before the storm

I actually had an appetite this morning - that's more like it! Some cherries and pineapple and coffee, of course.

Another note on the French press ***I couldn't find the 3-cup in any local Macy's store, so I had to buy my new tiny French press online. I just got an email that it has been shipped! Let's hope this one makes it in one piece!***

Lunch was totally uneventful and boring, but remarkably filling. We have (or had...) absolutely nothing in our fridge. Not a vegetable to be found. So my lunch consisted of a whole wheat wrap with 2 oz. of leftover steak, a piece of cheese and some spicy mustard. It was tasty, but I didn't think it was going to fill me up. I waited for about 15 minutes after I finished & low and behold, I was actually full. I was ready to sneak some cheese crackers, but I honestly didn't need them. So, I went along with my afternoon.

So boring :)

Dinner was just the opposite. The fiancee and I finished off the leftover pasta. I had a side of hummus and a few olives. He made a fabulous garlic bread with 2 rolls we had floating around. Twas delish.

I finally made it to the grocery store and packed our fridge with vegetables. My mom is coming into town tomorrow & she has a reputation of cooking (fabulous) not-so-good-for-you meals. I'm hoping she takes my cues to make lots of veggies. I don't want to counteract all the good I've done! We're going out to eat tomorrow night, but then she will want to cook for the rest of her stay, that's just how she rolls. And she rolls with a large knowledge of delicious food. Can't wait!

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