Monday, July 12, 2010

Crabby Sunday

I was in bed early on Saturday night after our long night at the concert and I was up and at it early Sunday morning. I went to the gym for a short elliptical sesh and came home only to get ready to go to the in-laws for a crabby Sunday, literally.

I snacked on this peachy Chobani after the gym.

My fiancee loves to eat blue crabs. Before I met him, I had never been up close and personal with a blue crab. Snow crab legs, yes, but blue craps are a different world...

First, some garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.

Sizzle sizzle.

Hello blue crabs. You will be mine.

Wine and beer are essential for the crab sauce, so why not have a glass? Or two...

Into the pot you go!

Shake shake shake!
Some parsley, garlic and a lid are all they need.

Oh man, these were good! I can usually eat 4 crabs, Sunday I ate 2! They were really big! Of course there was pasta with the sauce from the crabs and clams.

Mmmmmm, it was quite a feast! I also snacked on some cheese and fruit. And some more wine :)
Monday morning came too quickly! Where does the weekend go? I did not have an appetite AT ALL on Monday. I usually get hungry at least for some fruit in the AM, but not today. I had a cup of coffee and wasn't hungry for lunch until 1230pm. That's late for me. I ate a serving of leftover pasta with homemade tomato sauce. So good the next day!

Upside down pasta for lunch!

After work, I headed to Spa Toccare at The Borgata in Atlantic City. I've stayed at the Borgata several times, but I never went to the spa. I didn't realize how much I was missing out! It was very relaxing and much needed. I got some things waxed :) and soaked my feet in the hot tub while I read a magazine and then lounged around with cucumbers on my eyes for about 30 minutes. It was a glorious afternoon of relaxation.
I'm getting ready to sip on some tea and get into bed to read for a little while. My alarm will go off early to hit the gym. Guess what? My mom is coming into town on Wednesday! She's coming to town for my wedding shower! I'm excited!

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