Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That's one crazy bird

Rewinding a bit to last week - after I left work on Thursday I made a bee-line (or is it b-line?) to Starbucks. I was so sleepy and I needed a serious kick. A Venti caramel macchiato did the trick.

Huge and delicious. That's what she said.


What goes better with a beautiful afternoon and coffee? The pool, of course! I threw my bathing suit on and laid by the pool for an hour or so. Just what I needed.

Then I spotted this little fella....

He wasn't afraid of anything, I walked right up to him and took some pictures. What did he do? Just looked at me, almost as if he was posing....

Then he decided he needed a little bath...

He finally came to my chair and said goodbye before walking through the fence.

I found him a little later that evening taking a nap in the shade by the driveway. How strange!
Next up?? Celebration dinner! We decided to splurge (tune of my week....) as a celebration of my radio station's great ratings!
Filet, shrimp and some grilled veggies sprinkled with parm cheese.

Mmmmm. So good. There was more food, but couldn't fit it into my belly. I've been a little more than indulgent this week! But dinner was spectacular.

So was champagne by the ocean!

With blueberries. So refreshing. The celebration didn't stop there. What's a party without flaming Sambuca? Evidently, there is no party without flaming Sambuca.

Sometimes I wonder if normal people do the same things that we do....

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