Sunday, June 6, 2010

Drinks with the ladies

To rewind quite a bit, Thursday morning started off with an upset tummy. I think the Spicy Chick-fil-A didn't sit quite well with me. I enjoyed it, but I think I will stick to the Char Grilled sammy. It's my fav.

So, I opted for cheese crackers and about 3 glasses of peppermint tea for breakfast. Literally. And then I felt fine!

After weeks of reading how much Danica loves Newman's Own Light Lime salad dressing, I finally found it at my local grocery store. And get this, there was even a coupon on the shelf!

Of course for lunch I had to make a huge salad. This one contains greens, dried cranberries, grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, grilled onions, goat cheese and Light Lime dressing.

Nothing short of perfection. My new favorite dressing. Tangy, limey, fresh and refreshing.

Cherries were on sale, which is just about the only way I can buy them - they are expensive! But oh so delish. There were some grapes hidden in there too.

I came home from work and ate a random turkey hot dog filled with cheese. Totally random. I added a side of tortilla chips and TJ's spicy black bean dip.
Then it was off to a bar on South Street in Philly called Lickety Spilt. Ironically it was across the street from Phileo Yogurt where a few bloggers were meeting for a "Philly blog meet-up". Unfortunately they were meeting around 4:30pm and we weren't meeting until 7pm, so the timing didn't work for me to meet up. Next time for sure!
Anywho, our night was in celebration of my birthday and our girlfriend's birthday. I walked into the bar expecting to have a few glasses of wine and then head home. Boy was I wrong.
There was a cake.

And tequila shots for the birthday girls. That's me on the left, I clearly love tequila.
Because tequila makes me sing out loud.

Oh there is the cake. I didn't have any cake.

Just a shot of whiskey. I did not order any of these shots.

And there is my glass of wine. Next to a shot of whiskey. My friends are obsessed with tequila and whiskey.
I threw myself in a cab and got home at 1:30am. I fell into bed and didn't budge until 7:30am. I ran out of the house after a quick shower and devouring another turkey hot dog and made it to work on time. It was a long Friday. But you only live once and we had a fabulous time celebrating our birthdays! Thanks ladies!

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