Sunday, June 6, 2010

The weekend at the shore

After waking up Saturday and feeling like myself again..... I headed to the shore for the weekend. I had an appearance in Woodbine from 11am - 1pm. I needed gas, so I stopped at Wawa for some coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Turkey sausage, egg whites and cheese. They have the best coffee, too. You can pour you own and add all of your favorite ingredients. I love that.

It was HOT outside. And by the time I was done with my appearance, I was starving. I headed to Stone Harbor, NJ, which is about 30 minutes away. I stopped off at one of my favorite local shore restaurants - McGowan's in Sea Isle City.
Behold, Brynn's Summer Salad with chicken.

Greens, onions, tomatoes, grilled chicken, homemade croutons and balsamic vinaigrette. I housed that salad in a few minutes flat. I was hangry.
The fiancee came down a few hours later and we hit the pool for a few hours. We drank a few beers and played in the pool like we were 12 years old again. We worked up a hunger for dinner. The in-laws made it down and we started cooking. I only got a picture of the broccoli and pasta, but we had grilled asparagus, steaks, tomato salad, fruit and some wine.

The fiancee and I were going to hit the town to see a band that we like, but I think the pool time caught up with us. I was beat. So, we decided to stay in since we needed to be up early to get ready for our engagement photos.
This was my view when I woke up. There was coffee and a lot of Italian style breakfast food!

More asparagus to be steamed this time with garlic.

Some bacon for frying.

The upside down asparagus.

And crispy bacon.

The fiancee's dad makes a special breakfast dish with potatoes and eggs. First, the potatoes get fried.
Add some onions and saute with garlic. Add some whipped eggs, top with cheese and let it melt. Delish.

Then we had to get ready for our engagement photos! We set out for Ocean City for a photo session. I did some modeling when I was younger, but by no means I am comfortable in front of a camera. Neither is the fiancee. And it was a beautiful morning, so we knew the beach would be packed. But our photographer made us feel totally at ease and I think we got some beautiful photos. I will post some if and when I can.
We met the in-laws and went to lunch at the Flanders Hotel on the boardwalk. We're thinking about doing our rehearsal dinner in one of their banquet facilities. Lunch was good, so we will have to look over the menu and requirements for the banquet hall. The Flanders Hotel is very historic and some say it's haunted. Scary....thankfully I didn't see any ghostly ghosts :)
The fiancee's soft shell crab sandwich.

I ordered the strawberry and walnut salad with chicken. Greens, strawberries, oranges, blue cheese, chicken and citrus vinaigrette.

The fiancee's dad also ordered the soft shell crab sandwich, but mom in law ordered the crab cake sammy. It was the winner of the table. Lots of crab and it was huge. So good! I know our rehearsal dinner will be great if we end up here!

We headed home after lunch because I needed to get some stuff done before work on Monday. I snacked on some sweets in the form of Skittles. I heart Skittles.

I was going to snack on some hummus and olives, but it had a very strong smell and tasted a little funny, so down the disposal it went. That sucks. I had a huge craving!

No worries because dinner was spectacular. A small piece of leftover stromboli and a cup of broccoli pasta with some dipping marinara. And lots of parm cheese!

And a glass of white wine.

I am currently waiting for laundry to finish so I can fold it and put it away and then it's bedtime for this beach bunny. I can't wait! Tata!

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