Monday, June 14, 2010

Let's Rewind

Back to Friday. It's been a busy, but relaxing weekend. I started Friday morning a nice 25 minutes of elliptical and a short legs workout.

Off to work, yogurt, coffee and watermelon.

Boulevard's Cafe in Atlantic City brought us lunch on Friday, so I decided to forgo my salad for this little gem...

Bacon, egg and cheese on a brioche roll with mini ketchup. I love all things mini. It was small, but very filling. I thought I might have to break out my salad around 3 o'clock, but I stayed full until dinnertime. And for dinner I scarfed down that salad like nobody's business and forgot to take a picture! Ooops!

We spent the weekend in Stone Harbor, NJ at my fiancee's parent's house. It was a perfect weekend weather-wise. Hot and sunny all weekend! More on that in my next posts.

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