Sunday, June 6, 2010

Longest Friday EVA

When I made it to work on Friday, I was tired, hungover and ready for a quick day. But Murphy's Law dictates that you will have the longest day of your short life when you feel the way I did on Friday! Live and learn, right? No matter, we had fun on Thursday night!!

Like I said in my last post I had a turkey hot dog for breakfast on my way to work. Lunch came courtesy of Sombero's in Egg Harbor Township. They sponsored one of my segments all week, so they brought us lunch on Friday.

A piece of chimichanga, a piece of chicken quesadilla and two tequila lime chicken wings. A little rice and some refried beans. Everything was so good! Spicy, but not too much. Fresh and authentic. Thanks Sombero's!

When work (finally) ended I headed to my (future) sister in law's new nail salon! I'm so proud of her! It's a beautiful spot and she's awesome at what she does. After a very long night with the ladies with way too much alcohol, I needed to relax. This was the perfect answer. And of course, the fiancee and I have our engagement photos on Sunday, so my nails needed to look good!

Any locals - check her out in Mullica Hill, NJ!


Ahhhh, now this is what I needed....

After an afternoon of pampering, I headed home to a chicken stromboli from our local pizza joint. Filled with cheese onions, peppers and mushrooms. So satisfying. Sorry no picture.
Annnndddd, I was asleep by 9:30pm! And it felt great! When I was 25, I could go out and drink all night and feel fine the next day. Not. Any. More. I need sleep! My bed never felt so good! But still - we had the best time!!

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