Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday

Check out my new lunch bag!! So cool! I'm in love with green paisley. Got mine from I'm a little addicted to their "Today's Special Value"...... I got this lunch bag and a huge matching bag for picnics, road, trips, etc. So fun! For only $25! Gotta love QVC!

Insulation is key!

On to the eats, I figured I would group my meals for the past 2 days, since I'm in catch up mode....
Blueberries and grapes plus coffee.

Just blueberries today, plus coffee.

It's the same meal for lunch the past two afternoons. Boring. Turkey sammy's and sugar snaps.

Add another South Carolina peach...

My stomach was a little upset after I took my next-to-last antibiotic for my chest infection, so I munched on some cheese crackers that seemed to help a little.

So, in a small recap of the last few days...
I'm down another pound!!!
It's been SO hot in the Northeast!
Tonight is the first night that I don't have anything planned except organizing more wedding stuff. Which includes getting crafty.....

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