Thursday, June 24, 2010


Anndddd, I'm back! Sorry for my absence, but it has been a crazy 2 weeks in Georgia-land! I was sick for the first week (I'm still recovering from a bacterial chest infection...) and this week has been wedding-crazed! Got most of our invitations out this past weekend, a few more still to get in the mail. (After a little drama, that my MIL THANKFULLY took care of!) Also, I'm trying to think of all the little things that need to be done the week of the wedding and I'm attempting to take care of them this week. That's quite a task! Anywho....I'm back to the world of blogs, thank goodness!

I won't go too far back with all of my eats.

Let's start with Tuesday..

I have not been craving breakfast at all recently, but I figure it's important to get something (besides coffee) into my belly in the AM hours. It has come in the form of fruit. An orange and a peach. A South Carolina peach to be specific.

Let's talk about this.

I'm from Georgia, born and raised a sweet, southern, hospitable young female.

Georgia is the Peach State.

South Carolina has better peaches than Georgia.

There, I said it.

It's taken many years in therapy to be able to say that.

Moving on, quickly.

Lookout for a "Garden Post" coming up because my little garden is in full swing! Here's a sneek peak from my lunch last Tuesday.... SUGAR SNAP PEAS!!

Oh, and a turkey sandwich. But the star is the homegrown sugar snaps. They taste like they have been bathed in sweet little sugar crystals...yum.

As I was working on Tuesday, I was invited to go to the Hilton Casino at 6pm that evening. Short notice, but totally worth it! The casino had a flood a little while back on their second floor that houses all of the restaurants. Well, they have all been renovated and I was lucky enough to be invited to the "Press Party"! SO EXCITING!
I started with some champagne at Patsy's, I drank champagne all night! I felt so cool!
Patsy's had fried mozzarella, veg panini's, meatballs, lobster ravioli and stuffed squid. Everything was so good, but my fav was the fried mozzarella. I have a serious love for fried cheese. And burnt cheese...

Next we headed to Simon Prime, this used to the The Oak Room. So elegant. Very nicely decorated, I had another glass of champagne and oysters Rockefeller. Delish.

We moved on to the Chairman's Club. This is a private room for Hilton's elite members. So, in other words, I will never be in this room again! lol. They served cherry tomatoes stuffed with crab meat and a filet crostini with a wine sauce. Very tasty. The drink was from Simon Prime and it was called "A Latin Lover"! How funny, but I'm not crazy about tequila, so I left most of it right there on that table.

Next was Nick's Burger Bar. Very cool atmosphere, big screen HD tv's and tons of beer on tap. They were serving burgers of all types. I had a bite of a lamb and goat cheese burger, a bison burger and buffalo calamari. So, good. I had another glass of champagne! Sorry the pic is sideways...

There is a coffee shop that had some items on display, but, come on, let's be serious. When there is a chicken salad wrap next to a filet mignon crostini, which would you choose to eat? Ok, then. We skipped the coffee shop. Moved on to Ono Pan-Asian Bistro and Bar.
Don't mind if I do....
Decided on white wine this time, I figured it would go well with sushi!

And it did! Red and white tuna with sushi rice, a duck spring roll, a small piece of pork tenderloin and a little fried piece of Sea Bass heaven. OMG, delightful.

The view ain't too bad, either....
All in all I kept my portions in check and went home feeling perfectly full and bubbly. From the champagne, of course!
However, I didn't get anything done when I finally got home, I just fell into bed. Good thing I went to the gym Tuesday morning.... I actually got up and went Wednesday, too!

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