Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunshine and ice cream

Saturday morning started with breakfast courtesy of Jimmie Dean, may he rest in peace... The fiancee sauteed turkey sausage in a pan.

Matched with a whole wheat english muffin.

And some scrambled egg whites.

And some coffee make for the perfect Saturday morning breakfast.

How could I forget the strawberries? These are the best strawberries I have had all season.

We spend the morning by the pool, the weatherman said there maybe a passing storm, but no signs of it by the pool! It was a glorious morning.
We enjoyed ourselves by the pool so much that we decided to grill in the pool!

The fiancee likes to grill more than he actually likes to eat! He brought down this little charcoal grill that we positioned right next to the pool, so he didn't even have to get out of the pool to turn the ribs!
Well worth the 2 & 1/2 hours! So good! He is a BBQ master.

We hung around the pool some more and then I decided I wanted ice cream. We hopped on our bikes and rode a couple of blocks down to my childhood ice cream parlor. Even though I grew up in Atlanta, GA I used to come to Stone Harbor in the summer with my dad, stepmom, grandma & grandpa. We used to always go to Springer's to get ice cream, so it has a special place in my heart. However, not being a child anymore, homemade ice cream goes straight to my hips.

The fiancee doesn't have these issues, so he got the Snicker's ice cream. And it was delish!

I opted for Lucy's Limeade ice, which is just like sorbet. Loaded with sugar, but a better bet than ice cream, I suppose. It was really tart and refreshing.

We rode our bikes around a little bit more and then headed to the beach for a nice long walk. I didn't run Saturday morning, so I figured a good beach walk would do me good. And it did! Walking in soft sand is definitely a workout! It was beautiful!

Dinner was the fiancee's pesto and pasta. Now, this is the best pesto I have ever had. He makes it with spinach instead of all basil. I can give you a rough draft for the pesto, but his measurements are always different, but it's fresh, healthy and light.
Start with baby spinach.

Add it to a blender with parsley, basil, pine nuts, lime juice and a little olive oil.

And garlic, of course. Whiz it all up until it's smooth. Looks kind of like a green monster!

The fiancee sauteed some shrimp and clams in white wine and olive oil and threw everything together with the pasta, pesto and seafood.
This picture does not do it justice, this stuff is GREEN!

Paired with some clams and cheese. Now, the Italians do not put cheese on seafood, but I put parmesan cheese on everything! So, I put all my seafood on the side of my plate, pasta in the middle and I cheese the heck out of it! Because pesto needs cheese!

It was great. We had some wine and then got all fancied up and headed to Jack's Place, a bar in Avalon. (Which is the town over from Stone Harbor) There was a band playing that we enjoy, so we had some beers and enjoyed a night out.

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