Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breath in, breathe out

I searched and searched my camera memory card, but, alas, no sign of all the deleted pictures. Oh well, what can I do???? Just breathe in and then breath out. Onward and upward...

I will get you some more pictures of my garden, unfortunately, it's been a rainy couple of days, so the next peek of sunshine and I will grab some nice pictures.

I am going out of town this weekend for a wedding, so I'm trying to eat up everything in the fridge. That means yogurt.... and these are the biggest strawberries and quite delish. Surrounded by lots of work...

Lunch on Monday was a chicken sandwich on an everything bagel thin, same stats as the whole wheat thin, but a lot more flavor. Yummy. The chicken was part of Sundays deleted dinner! My fiancee cooked 2 whole chickens under a brick on the grill, the pictures would have been fun, but we can all pretend... I brought along some leftovers with a smear of hummus and arugula. The rice was my creation! Yellow rice cooked with chicken stock and tons of veggies added. Peas, carrots, onions, celery and peppers - veg overload - which is never a bad thing.

Monday was a whirlwind. I went to work, went to the dentist (for an hour and 45 minutes...) then I ran home, picked up fiancee and went to dinner at his parents. His mom made blue crabs and pasta. I had 4 crabs and about a cup and a half of pasta. So good!
Tuesday, after a wonderful night of sleep, I had to be at the car dealership at 8am for an oil change. After that and pouring rain for my commute, I just needed some strawberry-banana love. And an acrobatic apple. :)

I actually didn't eat the apple at all, but it's already packed for tomorrow's breakfast. Lunch was the rest of the leftover rice. It was really filling. I brought along some celery sticks and hummus, but I didn't need it. Learning to listen to my body will save me some moola...

Considering we had 2 whole chickens (we cooked said chickens for 4 people) as leftovers, I figured I would try two different chicken salads....
Behold - diced chicken in each container, onion, celery, carrots, s&p.

In one container, I mixed light mayo and Dijon mustard. In the other container, I mixed roasted garlic hummus. I made the fiancee try both and he loved the hummus! I must admit that it's my favorite too. Who needs mayo??? Well, now I have 5 servings of chicken salad and mayo to finish before my trip this weekend. It can be done.
They both looked the same, good thing I put them in different containers!

So, of course, for dinner I had a chicken salad sandwich! (hummus) On a toasted everything bagel thin with some arugula.

Two juicy slices of tomato sprinkled with s&p and about 1/3 of a cup of chicken salad.

Seriously, these strawberries are gigantic and so sweet. I added a little crunch with some BBQ Popchips. Perfectly rounded meal with lots of fresh flavas... that's kind of like flavors ;)

I am getting ready to make some tea and get some work done. I have a whole butt-ful of things to do this week before my flight on Friday. Gotta get to it!

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