Friday, May 7, 2010

When the alarm is silent...

You don't wake up on time. Uh oh.

Well, not really. I woke up at 6am and my alarm was set for 5:45am so I could get in a little jog. I tried to tell myself to just go back to sleep for another 30 minutes because what's the point of a 15-20 jog???

A lot, that's what.

So, I actually got out of bed and ran for 15 minutes. Some-thang is better that no-thang, right??? Yes, I felt good and I was proud!!

And I fixed my phone, not sure what the problem was, but after a power cycle, the speakers work. Go figure. My Blackberry is ancient, I'm holding out for a Verizon/iPhone relationship.

Breakfast was some peach Chobani. Cause I'm a peach, of the Georgia kind ;)

Lunch was so fresh and delish! A bagel thin, ham and arugula. And an arugula salad with a little olive oil vinaigrette. I have a huge package of arugula, so you will be seeing a lot of it! And besides that, it's tasty!

At work, I realized I have a Laughing Cow wedge and a slice of reduced fat swiss cheese on this sandwich! Cheese overload! Which, incidentally, is not a bad thing.

Dinner was another of the fiancee's creations. We finished the leftover stir fry and he grilled up a skirt steak and a rack of lamb.
Yes, that's a lot of meat.
His excuse?? He wants to make his mom and dad a rack of lamb on Sunday in honor of Mother's Day and his father's birthday. So, I am the guinea pig. Which, like the double cheese at lunch, is not such a bad thing.
He made a fresh sauce of parsley, garlic, lime juice, olive oil and salt and pepper. It was so fresh and tasty! Perfect amount of citrus with the meat. I had a few bites of steak and 2 lamb chops. I was full after I ate about half of everything!
Now we're going to watch the Flyers and the Phillies and hit the hay early. We both have to work on Saturday. I will be at Jersey Shore Pharmacy in EHT if anyone is close by. I'll be there from 10am until noon! Come by!!

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