Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chinese leftovers are delish

On Sunday night, we finally made it home at 8:30pm. Which was perfect timing for the finale of LOST. I've watched this series since the pilot, I love me some LOST. I cried through the entire 2 and 1/2 hours. It was a good cry, I loved it! I thought it was tender, comforting and happy. I resolved to myself that I was never going to get some answers from the show and I just went along for the ride. I loved every minute. My fiancee and his sister are going to start buying up the DVD's of all the seasons to watch from beginning to end. He didn't get into the show until last year, so he needs to see the best seasons! (In my opinion were the first 2...)

Anywho, we picked up Chinese on the way home from the airport. Did you know that a full cup of chicken and broccoli is only 2 Weight Watcher points? What? No, seriously, how many points? And that 1/2 cup of brown rice is only 2 points as well. So, you know what I ordered....

We also picked up some chicken noodle soup, it's spicy and noodly.

Monday morning I had puffy eyes, from crying to LOST and nothing for breakfast except some purple oatmeal and Sue Sylvester...
We have nothing in our fridge except leftover Chinese food (which is the greatest - I enjoy it cold, too) and chicken salad. I need to hurry up and eat the chicken salad, it won't make it much longer. I was going to stop at the grocery store on my way home on Monday, but to be honest, we have enough food to last through the week. And after a wedding and a weekend away, let's just say that my checkbook needs a break.
So, Chinese leftovers for lunch!!

Not pretty, but it's so much better after it sits overnight in the fridge. Just like soup or chili - always better the next day.
And I needed some extra water in my life - like a lot of water. So I sipped (or gulped) all day with an apple as an afternoon snack.

Take a look at what the fiancee got me for my birthday! A new ipod nano! Just last week, I came home from the gym and started complaining about my old 1st generation ipod mini and how it skips and the arm strap is sucky. And what do you know??? A shiny new ipod for yours truly. Love ya babe, thank you! Any suggestions for a new arm strap?

This ipod has a pedometer built in and the ability to use Nike Fitness, which I will have to look into.... It also plays movies, has a video camera and has an FM tuner. I'm in love. I watched Star Trek to and from FL on the plane. It made the time fly by.

First things first - I had to load up all of my Zac Brown Band music. My obsession right now.

I worked a double on Tuesday, I worked at the radio station in Atlantic City, NJ then I drove to Philadelphia and worked at NBC (my old job) until midnight! Needless to say I didn't get up this morning and go to the gym, however I did get up on Tuesday morning, got in a good legs workout and some cardio. I will make it on Thursday morning, but then I'm filling in again at NBC Thursday night, so I will sleep on Friday. We have NO plans this Memorial Day Weekend! That hasn't happened in a long time. I will relish it.

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