Sunday, May 30, 2010

A lost holiday weekend

It's been a wild week here in Casa Georgia. The last we talked I was finalizing my wedding invitations and working at NBC. Thursday was a whirlwind of a day which started in radio-land and ended in tv-land. I don't often work those long days, but the money definitely helps and it's always good to keep bridges with former networks. They are long days, but I think it's worth it some times.

On to the eats...

Last week was a bust in the workout department and in return my appetite was totally off. I think I only at breakfast a few days, but I just didn't find myself hungry in the AM. So, I didn't eat. Listen to your body peeps..

I did however try to finish my chicken salad, to no avail... But it was delish.

I opted to go sans bread for this installment of chicken salad Friday.

Friday I was tired and lost. I was so happy that the week had finally come to an end. It was a long one. For sure. Anywho, I left work on Friday and went to Vineland for a radio appearance and then headed to the in-laws for dinner. I was asleep on the couch by 10pm. So spectacular.
Saturday came early because we were headed to the shore to test drive a restaurant for our rehearsal dinner. We planned to go to a place called Sandi Pointe Bistro, but it was closed, I guess they are only open for dinner. So, we moved onto our second choice, the Inlet. It's a very nice place right on the bay in Somers Point, NJ. The place was beautiful and the food was really good. I am going to call their catering department on Tuesday to see what kind of menu they can come up with for us.
For lunch, I opted for the field greens salad with shrimp and goat cheese. It was really yummy, but I wanted tomatoes. I feel like it needed that sweetness, but nonetheless it was good.

Saturday night was a night by the fire in our backyard. We invited some friends over to hang out by the fire and watch the Flyers (they lost....). I didn't end up eating too much, just not too hungry, I snacked on a few chicken wings and some chocolate chip cookie cake!
It was a late evening, so I slept in on Sunday. (YAY!!!) Still not hungry this morning, but I'm about to make my way to the gym, so I should be ravenous when I return. This day is absolutely gorgeous, so the plan is to hang out by the sister-in-laws pool. First time of the season! Many more to come! Tata for now!

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