Monday, April 12, 2010

Finally Friday

Out of yogurt. :( So grits it is!! No worries, I'm a southern gal and I love me some grits! I had a 1/4 cup of instant grits and melted a Laughing Cow cheese wedge in at the last minute. So creamy and yummy!

I've told you before about the restaurants that come into the radio station every Friday and bring us lunch... well, the one Friday that I don't pack a lunch, is the one Friday that the restaurant bails on us! Oh well - sushi it is!! I went for the miso soup today instead of the salad. Big mistake, the miso was not very good and I really missed the veggies. Live and learn...

The sushi, however, did not disappoint. I changed things up and got the spicy white tuna and the salmon. Anyone know the difference between white tuna and regular tuna?? I'm curious because I much prefer the white tuna in this sushi. Anyways, the salmon roll will be a staple in my future orders! It was just salmon, rice and nori. And every bit as delicious as it was simple. Pure delight.

Friday night we ended up going out because the fiancee got home late from work. We ended up at this little bar and I ordered chicken fingers. Not the healthiest option, but they have really good chicken fingers! I dipped them in BBQ sauce and honey mustard. I almost got the buffalo fingers which I would then smother in blue cheese dressing, so thank goodness I resisted that temptation! We ended up staying out until after midnight! Sometimes you just need a few good beers and some quality time with the man of your dreams... :)

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