Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seriously? 4 pounds?

Wednesday's are my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers. For the past 2 weeks, I've maintained my weight - which is ok - better than gaining! But today when I got on the scale, I was shocked. Up 4 pounds. How does that even happen? I only used a couple of extra points this week and I had a great week of exercise! WTH???? I'm really upset. On the other hand, my clothes definitely feel better and I can see the definition coming back to my muscles. Maybe it's just a fluke.... I sure hope.... :(

And, of course, I was starving when I woke up. I can't understand my body! Peach Chobani and some coffee did the trick and a dove chocolate egg.. :)

Lunch was pretty good - the last of the bag of coleslaw with Trader Joe's Soyaki = deliciousness.

Weight Watchers egg salad (1/2 cup for 3 points) on a bagel thin with a slice of swiss cheese and a mound of romaine lettuce. Totally rocked!

This pear has yet to make it to my mouth because I've upset my stomach on chocolate eggs.... MUST HAVE WILLPOWER! No more eggies, the chocolate kind at least...

Headed out tonight to watch teh Flyers first playoff game! The place we're going to has some good healthy options. Hopefully their buffalo chicken fingers don't get the best of me.... they're SO good! WILLPOWER!!!


  1. The scale is a meanie ;)

    Have fun tonight! Willpower!!!

  2. So mean! Sometimes I dislike it very VERY much!