Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just wasting time..

Tonight (at 8 o'clock) I'm headed to the Trump Taj Mahal to help host a private concert that my radio station is having. Maybe 100 of our closest listeners and a newer recording artist named Blaine Larsen. SO, there is no reason for me to drive home (an hour) and drive back (an hour) to then turn around and drive home late tonight. So, here I am at the local Starbucks blogging away. I originally had plans to input all of my addresses into Excel for my wedding invitations. However, because I'm a slacker sometimes, I don't have the product code for the program and I can't manipulate any files! AHHHHHH! Breath. Breath. I have about 3 hours to waste and that would have been the perfect task! Oh well, now I will have to continue planning my honeymoon :) Thanks to my fancy dancy Starbs card I have free internet in here for 2 hours. SO, here I go to plan 2 glorious weeks in Hawaii. Don't be jel. It's the only time off I get all year!!!

Yukon blend and half and half, it's just ok. I think the lady kinda screwed up the brewing because I feel like I have coffee grinds in the back of my throat. Tasty, I know...

Enjoy the rest of the day! I won't be home until late tonight, so I will not be blogging later tonight. I actually have to pick a place to have dinner. Sometimes I really enjoy eating by myself. There is an Applebee's next door, I know I can sit at the bar, get a glass of wine and order a Weight Watchers meal! Sounds perfect! Tata.

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  1. Two weeks in Hawaii does sound glorious!

    Yay for Starbucks :)

    I'll definitely tune in to your station next time I'm at the shore!