Thursday, April 22, 2010

No yogurt tonight in my coffee....

"No sugar tonight in my coffee no sugar tonight in my tea no sugar to stand beside me no sugar to run with me...." The Guess Who

He he he! ;)

I decided that I needed to change things up a little bit this morning. My old routine of yogurt and fruit in the AM is becoming exactly that - OLD! So, this morning I opted for some sprouted whole wheat toast, almond butter and strawberry jam ("and it has to be jam, f0r jelly is FAR to gelatinous for me" - Pierre Robert :) with some fresh strawberries on top. Of course, paired with coffee, for one delightful breakfast. Do you think I will bring back the yogurt tomorrow?? Only time will tell...

However, for lunch, the "same" bug got me - I ended up finishing the fava beans and pasta. I didn't take a picture because it's really ugly and you've seen it. At least 4 times!

Here is my problem....I am the only one who eats leftovers - the fiancee doesn't eat them, so instead of wasting them, I eat them! It just happens to get boring and a little old for the bloggy blog.... So here is a pic of the carrots, tomatoes and strawberries I snacked on after the pasta! Interestingly enough, I had the same thing yesterday as a side with my lunch. Oh bother....maybe I need some help!

I guess last night's dinner was a little bit of a change.... the fiancee made tacos and I had some of the fixin's on a bed of romaine lettuce, twas delish!

Last night rounded out a full 7 days on the "Salad Challenge". I feel really good, I think I look pretty good, but that mean scale has other things to say.... I'm not down any lb's, but I can totally tell a difference. So, I think I will continue the salad challenge as long as I can stand it. Only one time have I felt like I couldn't bare to take another bite of lettuce.

I found some extra motivation when I randomly came across a picture of the fiancee and I (pre ring days) in bathing suits! In a picture! I would die if someone tried to take a picture of me in a bathing suit today! It was quite eye-opening. I want to look like that on my honeymoon!

And btw, we booked 2 whole weeks in Hawaii last night!!! I can't believe I will be married and in paradise in a little over 4 months......ahhhh I can taste the Mai Tai's now........

I will definitely try to add a little variety in my diet, but I refuse to throw away food! I hate to do it! I'll take some tips from Loser for Life! Check out her post on adding a little variety...and cooking 2 meals!

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