Thursday, April 15, 2010

Willpower! I found a little...

I did find my willpower last night when we went out! I got the buffalo chicken salad! The best of both worlds - delicious buffalo fingers and a big, crisp, fresh salad with low fat ranch dressing! I ate every.single.bite. of that salad... Not bad. Also enjoyed some wine. The fiancee makes his own wine here at the house, so store bought (or restaurant) wine is never as good as his :) But I enjoy wine with dinner. He's Italian, so he's been drinking wine since he was, like, 4....

At dinner I got to thinking that I would like to challenge myself to really jump-start my weight loss. I need to lose a few pounds to help with my motivation! (I keep buying bathing suits for our honeymoon...but it's not working!) So, the fiancee and I came up with a 'salad challenge' - eating salads (of some sort) every night for a week or so. Could be a plain salad, caesar, grilled chicken, steak, shrimp, chopped, etc, etc. I feel like salad can be the perfect meal - veggies, carbs, protein, fat and fruits. I'd like to go longer than a week, but I think I will get bored with salad every single night. I'm hoping that if I reserve my carbs for the afternoon and morning, then go carb free for the evening, maybe my body will react and I will lose a couple of pounds. I don't know about you, but if I see a noticable difference in my body, then I am super-motivated to keep it going. That's the extra push I need right now. So, I did well last night, tonight we're headed to the mall to pick out the tuxes for the wedding and then having dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. Easy peasy. They have a great salad bar and great entree salads. Maybe I'll even find the nerve to take a picture in the restaurant!! Who knows.... The challenge begins!!

On to the eats for today - a delightful apple and strawberry-banana Chobani. love love love Tomorrow is pineapple! My favorite! I always save the best for last, so silly, but I'm really excited.... Sad, I know, but it's the little things in life that make me truly happy ;)

Nice side salad for lunch - cheese and radishes with Ken's olive oil and vinegar dressing.

And homemade lentil soup - 1 cup for 3 points. The MIL made it, she's a really good cook, just like her son :)

I came home and munched on a serving of reduced fat Cheez-its. 28 for 3 points. I think I will take a nap and watch the Phillies beat up on the Nationals until the fiancee scoops me up and we head over to the mall. Tata!

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