Monday, April 12, 2010

Sore, so sore

I don't think I've ever been this sore in my life! Mulching and gardening is definitely a workout! I've been stretching all day here in the studio! My legs, my back, my arms, my name it, it hurts! A good pain....

Yogurt is back for a Monday morning!! Vanilla with Kashi Honey Sunshine, yummo!

Lunch is the final installment of chicken and rice! I feel like it lasted forever! I guess that can be good and bad - - oh well, it's done! I figured I needed some fruits and veggies in my life, so I packed and orange, strawberries and radishes with hummus for lunch! I ate everything except the orange, maybe I will have that on the way home.

Beautiful chicken and rice.....not really, but it does taste SO good!

Check out this baby Coke Zero! It's 7.3 ounces! So cute - I heard the Coca-Cola company was going to be making mini drinks, but I assumed it would only be for their sugary sodas, not the diet ones.... I love all things that are small, so I love this! That's a regular sized Sprite Zero that I had in the fridge at work, just to compare sizes.

Dinner will be on the fly tonight because I'm going to the city (Philadelphia) to get my taxes done. So, I will probably grab something on the go later. And there will be some Dove dark chocolate eggs in my future..... Tata for now!

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