Monday, April 19, 2010

No more mulch monster

Finally we finished the 10 yards of mulch that was such an eyesore in our driveway! But after 7 days, several sore muscles and a lot of Advil, our whole yard is mulched and looking fabulous!! Before we tackled the rest of the yard work I had a bagel thin with ham, swiss and dijon mustard. Yummy. And some coffee.

After 4 and 1/2 hours, the bushes are in and the garden is ready! I planted radishes, lettuce, English peas and sugar snap peas (all from seeds) and I trimmed up the rosemary and mint. I'll have to get new basil, parsley, thyme and oregano plants. It's going to be a great harvest!
For dinner - a huge steak salad! Loads of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, grilled asparagus and 3 ounces of filet mignon. I mixed up some more low fat blue cheese dressing to go with it, total refreshment and satisfaction after a hard day of yard work!

I slept like a baby Sunday night after watching the ACM Awards (that's the Academy of Country Music) and slept in just a bit on Monday morning :) Breakfast was blueberry Chobani and some strawberries that I got on sale - buy one get one free!

Lunch was a buffalo chicken, I didn't plan on eating salad for lunch AND dinner with my salad challenge.... however, we just happened to have the perfect portion leftover from dinner last night, so I made a salad for lunch. I kind of didn't want to eat it... Too many salads! It was good, but I definitely didn't want another salad for dinner.....
I compensated with some Dove dark chocolate eggs :)

I was on my own for dinner because I was headed to the doctor's office. Nothing wrong, just a physical and to schedule some routine blood work. I can't tell you the last time I had my cholesterol checked...
Since I didn't really want a salad, I compromised with lettuce cups! Grilled chicken, carrots, cucumber on romaine lettuce with a drizzle of TraderJoe's Soyaki. Very good and filling!
Currently, I'm watching Anthony Bourdain and getting ready for some shut eye. Tata for now!

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