Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few more blurry days

So, last I talked to you it was Tuesday and my week looked pretty empty.....not so much! I had a remote at Gentilini Ford in Woodbine Tuesday night - turned out great, despite the weather! As it also turned out, I took Rt. 55 home and was going to pass right by the in-laws house, so I stopped in for dinner. Sirloin steak, snow crab, salad and chicken cutlets. So good, eating there is always fun! The wine and Strega are always flowing! Strega is a crazy Italian liquor that you drink after dinner to help your food digest.

Speaking of alcohol, pretty much all of the healthy blogs that I read, the gals have a glass of wine or a beer here and there..... however, I drink a glass of wine at least every night. And it's more like 2 glasses..... Is that bad? My fiancee makes his own wine, so it's always on hand at our house. And I'm a very social person, I love to go out and have drinks at a bar and watch a band. I definitely see a difference in my lifestyle (though still trying to be healthy) and the lifestyles of other "healthy" bloggers out there. Just an observation on my part. Hey, a new article comes out everyday on the benefits of red wine!

On to the eats - this is a new flavor (to me) of Chobani - I'm not crazy about things that taste like bananas, but this was really good! More strawberry than banana.

A few blueberries thrown in at the end never hurt...

Lunch consisted of a salad leftover from our sales celebration luncheon from Monday - the dressing was actually a spicy, creamy enchilada type sauce that was supposed to be served with the quesadillas, but I figured it would be a good dressing. Holy Hannah I was right - again a sauce that I could drink. This is becoming a pattern...

And the last of our leftover shrimp lo mein - made with TJ's Soyaki - another sauce I could drink... why are they so good?

Dinner last night was on the fly at PJ Wheilihan's in Cherry Hill. We had to go look at some more plumbing stuff for our bathroom "do" (not re-do...) so we were starving by 8pm and the bar was right in front of us. I enjoyed a buffalo chicken salad with (full fat) ranch dressing. And I'm totally ok with that. And it was delish! I did get in a quick, but intense 30 minute elliptical session. More of that today!
Remarkably, I wasn't that hungry this morning. Maybe it was the ice cream late last night....Anywho.... I did end up eating some caramel Oikos and some fruit. Twas good. Do you find that the caramel flavor is a little runny? Also a little gritty sometimes? Maybe it's just me...

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