Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A prettier picture

Now that's a prettier picture of my morning grits than yesterday! I figured I would pull out the "nice" work bowl to eat my breakfast this morning! 1/4 instant grits with 1/3 cup Weight Watchers Mexican cheese. Yummy! Do you ever feel like some Weight Watchers products upset your stomach? I find that sometimes that happens to me....

Already had some grapes, might hold on to the orange until later because I ended up having a large lunch! And I have a remote at Gentilini Ford in Woodbine tonight from 5-7pm - come by! So, I will need to portion out my afternoon snack so I'm not starving at the event!

I brought lo mein leftovers (there weren't many leftovers...) for lunch, but the company splurged on lunch for us because our awesome sales team met their 1st quarter budget! So, I had a meatball, a crab cake a wedge of chicken quesadilla and loaded up some veg. Twas marvelous.

Maybe between my orange and a cup of Starbucks later, I can resist dinner until I get home. That way I can snack on a little something and then watch Lost!!! Tata.

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