Saturday, March 13, 2010

The rest of WW day 1

After breakfast/brunch I went to the gym for a rockin' workout. I recently came across this 29 minute cardio workout for brides to be from Fitness magazine. Check it out -

5 minutes at 3-4 intensity

5 minutes at 5 intensity

2 minutes at 6

5 minutes at 5

2 minutes at 7

5 minutes at 5

5 minute cool down at 3-4

I have been doing this workout on an elliptical machine at a 10 incline. It's great, definitely hard, but really satisfying. Then I finished up with 15 minutes of back and some abs. Twas good. Then I ran to the grocery store, in the pouring rain, and back to the casa. I had all good intentions of cleaning the hell out of my bathroom, but instead I fell asleep on the couch for, evidently, a much needed nap. Before napping, I munched on some polenta with spaghetti sauce and parm cheese.

I did get up from my nap and clean the bathroom. This was needed SO badly!@!! And now it's shiny and beautiful. Dinner was spectacular. I picked up a huge cod filet from the grocery store and the fiancee blackened it and made a fresh fruit salsa. Mango, kiwi, yellow peppers, jalapeno and red onion. Twas delish. This is the fiancee's dish, he said his plate looks better than mine, so I should post this pic. What do you think??? His.....


Definitely his, he is a master.... We're enjoying a glass of wine now as he plays the guitar. It will be a lovely Saturday night. Tata.

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