Monday, March 15, 2010

That damn green monster

Monday already?? What a bummer! We have such a fun week planned, though I'm going to be crazy busy for the next two weeks....weddings take a lot of time to plan, who knew? Tonight we finished our Target registry, only one more to go! Tomorrow I have to pack because we're headed to Atlantic City for a few nights. The fiancee got two nights free at the Borgata, the only place to stay in AC. Then we have tickets to see Carrie Underwood on Friday!! So fun!

On to the eats....

This past weekend, I ran to the grocery store for some essentials like Greek yogurt, but I found this (French, hehehe) La yogurt on sale for $0.26 a piece. I couldn't resist. I got a peach, raspberry and blueberry. Very creamy and yummy, but it's no Chobani. An orange and an unpictured banana came along later in the morning.

Lunch was the last of the leftover spaghetti and turkey meatballs. It was delish, but I'm glad it's gone. Time for a new leftover.

Before we went to Target, we stopped by Mandarian Oriental in Deptford, it's one of our local sushi joints. I had too many fried noodles and just the right amount of a spicy tuna roll and a yellowfin and scallion roll. The fiancee got Thai soup that was just ok. He also got some Chinese dish with shrimp and scallops, also just ok. The star was the sushi.
I must admit that my stomach is still not back to normal. That damn green monster! How does anybody drink them? They must have stomachs of steel, I alas, do not.

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