Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Day Has Come...

I will be living in the Borgata in Atlantic City for the next several nights! SO EXCITED! Can you tell????

Last night I made 3 days worth of breakfasts and lunches. I looked like a bag lady walking into work this morning with all my food! But it helps save money and helps to get rid of some leftovers.

Breakfast this morning is Kashi Sunshine Honey cereal, vanilla soy milk and a banana. So good! With coffee, this breakfast is 5 points. Perfection! Very filling too.

Mmmmm coffee.... Starbucks is running a promotion for the next few weeks - if you collect 8 stickers over 8 weeks, you get a free pound of Starbucks Bold coffee. I got my sticker last week and I'm going today to get my Italian roast. The Bold coffee of the week matches the stickers. I'm well on my way to a free pound of coffee!

Lunch was substantial because I'm not so sure when we'll get to dinner this evening. Salad with carrots, sprouts and cheese with goddess dressing. Polenta and sauce and parm cheese, an orange and an Emergencee. The fiancee is working with his sick dad today, so we're both preparing to catch his cold. Also, my boss has pink eye. Lovely, I've been hand sanitizing all day.... After work I'm headed to Macy's to (hopefully) finish our registry for the wedding. The fiancee won't be down to AC until around 6pm and he HAS to check into our room, Borgata policy. Bummer, I could totally go work out, shower and be so fresh and so clean for dinner, but they won't allow it. Oh well, so I will waste some time in the mall and then head over. I only work about 10 minutes from AC, but he will have to drive an hour. Maybe I will even get in a little roulette before dinner......

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