Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally Wednesday

I was craving coffee this morning, which I haven't wanted in the AM recently, so I listened to my dear old body and made some D&D, it's the best. Like my Tommy Bahama mug?? I have to have sunny thoughts with the winter we've had in the Philly area this year....this mug seems to help in some small way!

I had an orange and a smallish piece of chocolate this morning when I go to work. And I was really hungry for lunch, maybe I was just craving it because I knew how good it would be!!! Or maybe my banging workout last night has got my metabolism back in check - 25 minutes elliptical and then arms...I'm sore today!
I munched on these saltines to hold me over to my leftover enchiladas!!! So so so good! And some greens in the form of a salad. I suck at taking pictures - they do not do this meal justice, trust me!
My girlfriend and I had plans to go to this restaurant Xochitl in Philly tonight, but her car broke down! Bummed. Now I don't know what to do. My afternoon was going to go like this - -
3pm - Leave work and race up the Expressway to Philly to make...
5Pm - an appointment at Bridals by Danielle in the city. Try on wedding dresses....
730pm - have dinner at Xochitl (never been there, but it's upscale Mexican. Think lots of pork belly. I was stoked!) and drinks.
Now I don't know what to do. I really don't want to race to Philly and barely make the appointment, but I should go look at a few more dresses. Especially since this place has the designer of the dress that I love.....oh bother. I might say screw it and cancel the appointment and the reservations. Boo hoo. We're going to reschedule dinner though because this girlfriend is making my invitations!

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