Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AC Here we come!!!

It's only Tuesday, but I feel like it's Friday! I'm so excited to stay in Atlantic City for a few nights. Even though I work about 10 minutes from downtown AC, it's still a treat to stay in a casino for a few nights. And the Borgata is SO nice! And they pay the best odds for gambling! ;) I'll be packing all my stuff and 3 days of breakfast & lunch later on tonight!

I'm going backwards with my eats today! Right now I'm enjoying a glass of my loves homemade wine and listening to the crackle of the coolest candle! It's called WoodWick and it sounds like a crackling fire. It's hot. really.

Dinner tonight is a mash-up of leftovers that we're trying to get rid of before we leave. Pasta with broccoli, leftover pizza and chicken in broth with tomatoes and artichokes. There was already a cookie and I see ice cream in my future, it's just been that kind of day.....

Lunch was a bagel thin with leftover steak, laughing cow cheese and sprouts. It was yummy.

And a salad with carrots, cucumber and cheddar cheese.
I couldn't get coffee into my body fast enough this morning. I haven't been making coffee at home in the mornings because it's a lot of work to make a cup or two just for me. However, I registered for a 3 cup Bodium French Press coffee maker for me to use in the AM. That way I don't have to dirty up the big coffee maker just for 2 cups. I'm so smart. :) I ended up having another cup later in the afternoon. Ooops.There's only one more La Yogurt left, this one was good, lots of blueberries. Isn't it funny that this yogurt cost $0.26 with tons of fruit and Siggi's was $2.50 with no fruit......

We haven't seen the sun since last Thursday here in the Northeast and on my commute this morning.....THE SUN! Peeking through the clouds! It ended up being a beautiful day in the 60's with loads of sunshine. I'm off to pack! Tata. Next time I talk to you I will be hanging out in the Borgata!

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