Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday already?

Yes, it's Monday already. Boo hiss.

Have you heard of Siggi's yogurt?

Well, I've jumped on the Siggi's bandwagon, Wegman's had this yogurt phenom, so I picked up 2 flavors....despite the $2.50 a piece price tag. I had the pomegranate one this morning for breakfast. The verdict?

Very thick and creamy, but VERY tart. And no fruit. Where's the pom seeds? Where's the passion fruit? It was so tart, that I ended up adding half of a Splenda packet to the container, but I didn't finish it, I trashed the rest. I hate wasting food. But I just couldn't finish it! It was big too, 6 oz. I'm used to 4 oz of yogurt. Oh well. I would rather pay $1.33 for Chobani. Sorry Siggi.

Lunch, however, was remarkable! Mini peppers!! Found them at Trader Joe's. Along side some sugar snap peas and scallion-parsley hummus.

And an Arnold Thin with leftover steak, Laughing Cow wedge and sprouts! When I was young, my dad used to put sprouts on everything! I felt very nostalgic making my lunch for today.

I'm headed to the gym after work, then I have to find a photographer or our wedding! The time is ticking!

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