Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday is a work day?

We stayed in Saturday night considering the fiance's cousin was coming over at 8am Sunday morning to start working on our upstairs....don't get me wrong, I'm SO excited to be getting a master suite upstairs, but 8am on a Sunday blows. Enough on that, I planned on getting up early and heading to the gym first thing, but I slept through the fiance' getting up to greet his cousin and help with the manual labor. I'll post some before and after pics of the construction. I can't wait to go upstairs to go to bed, it seems trivial, but I feel like we live in an apartment sometimes. This new floor will do SO MUCH for our living space. Not to mention resale value! :)

So, when I finally made it out of bed Sunday morning, I only had a craving for coffee. So, I satisfied that craving and caught up on some Google Reader and emails. Before I knew it, it was time to go buy my wedding dress!!! So, I threw together a hummus sandwich on an Arnold Thin with some sprouts. Check out that Trader Joe's hummus multi pack - awesome if I do say so myself!

I chose the red pepper hummus with my sammy. Some tortilla chips made it to my plate mysteriously...

Twas delish! Then I trotted off to the dress shop where I met up with my future mom in law for my dress measurements. She cried when I tried the dress on! Then I cried, of course! It was very sweet! Love her!
I came home to some homemade red wine. It does not get better than that. Trust me.

While I drank and lounged out on the couch, the fiance' was up to ALL good in the kitchen. On our trip to Wegman's on Saturday, we picked up 2 pounds of cockels. They're basically small clams, really small. And the are to die for. Only Wegman's carries them in our area, but they don't always have them. So, as soon as we saw them in the seafood case - we jumped all over them. Aren't they beautiful?

Sauteed with onion, garlic, white wine and olive oil. They really are green and pink!

Once they open, add cooked pasta and toss in parsley and some red pepper flakes. I add lots of parm cheese, even though some Italians will look down on me for doing that. I don't care, it's so good with the cheese! Some say the cheese takes away from the natural taste of the seafood. I get it, but this combo is the best!

Ready to watch the Oscars! I had this plate, plus one more, plus a few more bites. It was that good. Between the two of us, we ate an entire pound of pasta! OOOOOPS! Sometimes you just have to....

I also snacked on an unpictured apple with some cheddar cheese earlier in the afternoon. I never did make it to the gym, but I will make on Monday!

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