Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday eats from Atlantic City

My eats from Thursday night and Friday (backwards...)

The Macedonian Grill sponsored my lunchtime show this week, so on Friday they brought lunch to us! So so so good. I LOVE Greek food, really anything Mediterranean. I filled my plate with Greek salad, a small scoop of potato salad and a gyro wrap. The tzatziki was to die for. Yummy and tart and creamy!

Here is the day time view out of room. So sad to check out today. :(

On to Thursday night eats. We had planned a dinner at this super cool place called "Izikya" So yummy - sushi and Japanese Yakatori - unfortunately, they are closed on Wed and Thurs! WHAT! SO BUMMED! darn it. darn it. darn it. Oh well, we headed over to Wolfgang Pucks, it's a good standby. I was HANGRY! Started with a piece of onion foccacia bread. Holy yum. And that was just the beginning...
Oh well, we headed over to Wolfgang Puck's - always a good time! By this time I AM HANGRY! Started with a piece of their caramelized onion foccacia. Holy yum. And this is just the beginning...
I was in serious need of vegetables in my life, so I ordered us a big Caesar salad with white anchovies. Good to have some greens in my life!

The fiancee ordered the ribeye steak with fries. Their fries are like McDonald's = delishousness. Because that is a word....

I order the chicken breast with goat cheese and garlic mashed potatoes. Holy yum, again. And again.....

The fiancee shared some fries with me. :) He loves me!
We split a bottle of wine and headed to the Gypsy Bar to see a band, but only made it through the first set. We called it an early night because today will be a long day - I'm about to leave work and we're going to see Carrie Underwood!!!!!

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