Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Out again?

Sometimes I feel like we go out all the time, but we really cook at home a lot! Promise! Lately, I feel like every other night or so, we end up going out. Oh well.

It was SO beautiful here yesterday that I wanted to leave work and go drink outside somewhere....well, that didn't happen, so we ended up heading out to a bar for dinner before LOST! I had 2 buffalo wings and then we both ordered the Kobe burger. It was good, needed some seasoning, though. I ate half and 2 steak fries (basically fried potato wedges). I brought the rest for lunch today. I added some mini peppers and sugar snap peas. I need to think about growing these in my garden this year.....

And finally back to normal Greek yogurt! I really did not like Siggi's. Sorry fellas, but it was not my cup of tea. Oikos strawberry makes me happy. :) And an orange, I also snacked on a few white chocolate Hershey Kisses. Oops. I am going to squeeze in a cardio workout today because I was lazy yesterday. I think we're headed to the in-laws for dinner???? Not sure yet. Tata for now.

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