Thursday, March 18, 2010

AC or bust!

We are living at the Borgata!! I feel like Khloe Kardashian living in a hotel. Well, I guess I'm not really "living" in a hotel like she did, but I feel like it because I leave in the AM to go to work and then "come home" in the evening! On to our epic dinner last night.... This restaurant used to be called Umbra - it was incredible - then they changed chefs and it all went downhill, quickly. Next thing you know, it's called Forneletto. SO much better! Below is our delish din din.

I had the wine, fiancee had a blood orange mohito. Yum yum yum.

The bread was to-die-for- said in my best Paula Deen accent :) - we made our won olive oil dip with red pepper flakes, sea salt and cracked black pepper.

We split the salami picante and some mixed olives. Totally satisfying and salty.

We finally ordered the "Four Seasons" pizza. The fiancee is Italian and he said that he ate a lot of this pizza the last time he was in Italy. It was incredibly delicious! Not too cheesy, not too saucy and perfectly thin and crispy. The sauce was made from San Marzano tomatoes - it doesn't get better. That's like the caviar of tomatoes. I had a piece and a half. We ended up taking 2 pieces back up to the room, it was the perfect amount of food.

An authentic Italian after dinner drink is this neon yellow stuff - it's called Strega (which means "witch" in Italian) It's oddly refreshing and a digestive, so it's perfect for after a wonderful meal. It tastes like a minty, fennel-ly, sweet something or other...... There is no other way to explain it. It's super hard to find at restaurants. You know it's authentic Itailian food if they have this stuff.

We were going to go see a band, but the bar was super packed, so we opted for the B Bar and a martini. Should have stopped right there, but why not have another glass of wine? Because I had to work the next day, that's why! Oh well, you only live once! We decided to get in some gambling before the night was over, so I played some slots and lost $40. No big deal. I'm headed to that roulette table tonight! At this point I had ANOTHER glass of wine (it's free at the casino - why not?) and finally said good night with quite the buzz. Needless to say that leftover pizza didn't have a chance.....
I woke up this AM with a slight headache and a dry mouth. A couple of gallons of water and 2 Advil later - I'm ready!!!
Now, when I woke up - I asked the fiancee when he came into the room - he said 1:45 AM - then I saw the stack of chips on the nightstand! He won $1100!!!! He's a 3 card poker master! This is the night view out of our room - it looks out onto the main strip of AC.

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