Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh boy....

Thursday started out pretty well......Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal (dry) with a kiwi, some coffee and tummy mint tea.
Lunch was leftover turkey meatballs and spaghetti, hummus, veggies and an orange.

The plan for dinner was Xochitl with my girlfriend to look over some invitation samples for the wedding. I've never been to this restaurant and in case you're wondering (because I was) it's pronounced so-cheet! It was awesome! We started with homemade guacamole and chips. I had a few chips and guac.

We split sweet potato empanadas. They were SO good, but really spicy! We each had one.

Blood orange margaritas! Here's where the night starts to go south.... we had 3 a piece! They were so so so good! I usually don't drink tequila and there is a reason.... I planned to go to dinner and be home by 10pm.....hmmmmm....

My friend is a vegetarian, so she ordered the Baja fish tacos, they were yummy. I have always wanted to try pork belly and they had it on the menu, so I ordered it! This sandwich had grilled veggies, pork belly, chorizo and cheese. It was served with marinated veggies on the side. It was spicy, but in a good way. And btw, I am a lover of pork belly!! The portions at this restaurant were perfect, just enough to fill you up.
Like I said before I planned to go home after dinner, however my friend was meeting another friend for a drink, so she invited me along. I wasn't going to go because it was a school night and my alarm goes off at 6am whether or not I want it to..... So, we end up at this hole in the wall bar that specializes in a drag queen show on Thursday nights! It was a riot and so much fun! The special at the bar was a can of PBR and a shot of Jim Beam for $3.00. Everybody was drinking the special, so I joined in! I had 3 specials......oh my......bad idea...... Around 130am, I decided it really was time to go, so I hailed a cab and headed home. I was in bed by 2am and let me tell you, that alarm was not kind 4 hours later. But I went off to work with a Hot Pocket in hand and more leftover spaghetti. I felt like arse and when I'm hungover, I don't care about what I eat, I need carbs and fat. So, needless to say that I (purposely) didn't take pictures of my eats from Friday, partially because my entire body hurt, even my hair, but also because I was embarrassed about what all I ate. However I will tell you what I consumed...
Hot pocket - it was a light pocket, spinach, chicken and artichoke
Diet Sprite
Leftover spaghetti and turkey meatballs
Diet Sprite
Sierra Mist (from the vending machine, not diet. There was Diet Coke, but I cannot drink caffeine when I'm hungover because my body freaks out)
Bag of M&M's
Sierra Mist
Black tea
Medium mac & cheese from Wawa (an awesome convenience store that also has a deli)
Bag of cheesy poofs
22 oz. Coke slushie
Bowl of cake ice cream
A couple of dark chocolate covered pretzel thins
2 slices of sausage, pepperoni and mushroom pizza
2 buffalo wings
Diet Sprite
I drank the entire can of each and every soda. Needless to say I felt awful. I can't remember the last time I felt that gassy. Gross, just gross. So, while I was at work, I signed up for Weight Watchers online. I often have this reaction when I'm hungover and feeling terrible. But it's a good thing. I started this morning and I am really looking forward to it. Here goes nothing!

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