Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Funday....

I guess that supposed to be Sunday Funday, but it's only Friday! And what a Friday! It's in the high 70's here in South Jersey without a cloud in the sky! Doesn't get better than that!

And guess what??? I got up at 5:45am again this morning! And I ran (trotted) for a solid 30 minutes! I need to drive my running route to see how far it is I'm actually jogging. Maybe next week I'll do that because when I leave work today, I'm going straight to the beach! Ahhhh, what a perfect weekend to be at the beach.

On to my eats....

Once again I wasn't that hungry this morning, so I'm continuing to listen to my body and I didn't eat until around noon. I had leftover couscous salad (that's my EPIC couscous...) with some leftover grilled chicken and grilled pork. I got scared that it wouldn't fill me up, but it did the job! I'll be finishing off the rest of the couscous tonight, I love finishing off leftovers! Doesn't make for exciting blogging, but I hate to waste food!

Fun with food pictures....I'm trying to get better at picture taking. It's a long road, I'm afraid..
Also snacked on a sunshine(y) orange for all the glorious sunshine we've had today!

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