Thursday, April 29, 2010

A runner I am not

However, I am a good trotter!

My lack of gym-going these days has had me down, so after some soul searching I figured out that I HATE going to the gym after work. I've always hated it. So, why have I been trying now for 6 months to do it everyday? I just don't know.


Set my alarm for 5:45am.


Or so I thought! It wasn't that bad! And it was chilly and light outside. I did not go to the gym, I simply ran in my neighborhood for 25 minutes. Well, I trotted in my neighborhood. It was really nice to be up and out of bed and have my exercise done! Now all day I've been fantasizing what I will do with my afternoon instead of dreading the fact that I still have to go to the gym. What. A. Revelation.

I think I will set my alarm at 5:45am again tomorrow. Life is good!

Despite my exercise this morning, I was not hungry for breakfast, so I listened to my body and I didn't eat until noon. What did I eat, you ask??

This beautiful homemade chicken soup. Nothing but veggies and chicken. Perfection.
Last night after my Maid of Honor and I shopped (found a rehearsal dinner dress! She didn't find the perfect dress yet, but she will!) we head to California Pizza Kitchen. Lots of girl talk, wedding talk and spring rolls! They were awesome!!

I ordered the Mediterranean plate with hummus, Greek salad and feta with some pita points. Perfect portion and delish!

My MOH ordered the roasted red pepper and goat cheese pizza on honey wheat crust - holy yum! I had a small piece - I could have eaten the whole thing! Is it weird that I have never ordered a pizza from here? I usually get their salads, but I will order this pizza next time!

We also had 2 glasses of wine and a great time!
Right now I'm picturing a grande iced caramel latte in my head..... maybe that dream will come true this afternoon....

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